Augmented Reality Apps for Real Life Practical Skills

Augmented reality has come a long way from being used in the classrooms for learning to being used in day-to-day life. AR apps are an effective tool for people to learn real-world practical skills. These skills can be implemented in daily life or at the workplace too.

AR apps for real-world practical skills

With augmented reality gadgets and devices being reasonably priced, even the common people can purchase them. Hence, the popularity of augmented reality is growing by leaps and bounds not just with businesses but amongst the masses as well.

Mentioned below are some of the commonly used AR apps which were created for the people to learn some day-to-day practical skills. Many of these AR apps can be downloaded, while a few have still not crossed the nascent stage of funding.

1) SketchAR

This AR app enables people to learn drawing and tracing virtual images on paper sheets using augmented reality on their smartphones. Whether it is drawing anime or portraits, SketchAR has the power to teach users to draw virtually anything.

2) i-Mechanic

The i-Mechanic app allows any person to learn what a car mechanic does. It enables the users to learn basic vehicle maintenance like tyre change, checking engine oil levels, refilling of coolant, and many others.

3) X Drum 3D and AR

Using this AR app, a user can learn to play the drums on the smartphone and turn into a drummer in the shortest possible time duration. This app places virtual drums in the real-world environment of the user using which he/she can play different beats.

4) Pattarina

Pattarina makes sewing tasks extremely easy for the beginners too. The patterns and lines on the smartphone can easily be transferred by the users on the cloth.

With the advancement in technology, augmented reality is being used in many day-to-day activities. The time when AR will become an indispensable part of our everyday life for all activities is not far away.