Improved the in-store experience by categorizing the products

About Business:

Optimaalzitcomfort is a furniture retailer with a showroom in Dronten, the Netherlands and in this business since past 10 years now. They buy their furniture products directly from the manufacturer and then sell via their physical showroom. Optimaalzitcomfort also has a website where customers can view the categories available, check products and submit a request for a quote. 70% of their revenue comes from the office furniture especially with relax chairs, and stand up chairs.


  • Optimaalzitcomfort was looking to expand their reach to the customers by having them visit the store virtually.
  • Provide a 3D view of products on website for a better visualization.
  • Provide an additional value and ease to the consumers to buy items online.


  • Increased the possibility for customers to visit the store just by downloading the app.
  • Customers could now also see and order the items that were not available in physical stores.
  • Improved the in-store experience by categorizing the products.


The main challenge Optimaalzitcomfort faced was the customers’ hesitance in buying products without visiting the store. We created the environment for Optimaalzitcomfort in the backend of our app and we categorized over hundred products for a user friendly view. Now the customers could easily download ARStudio pro and login to the Optimaalzitcomforts’ environment to see all their exciting products. They could put the items into their wishlist, take the screenshot of their own space with the items they placed using ARStudio app and then share it with their loved ones. Optimaalzitcomfort is now our happy customer and recommends us to their network.

Category - Furniture Retailers

Country - Netherlands