The 3Decor Configurator for furniture industry

Augmented reality has created new opportunities for the furniture industry, for both manufacturers and retailers alike. A long time ago, customers had to visit a showroom and see what was in stock at that moment. In the meantime, e-commerce has already created some improvements because it makes it easier to view all products which a supplier can deliver.

But now augmented reality has come, with several new advantages which so far could not be achieved. For one, a manufacturer can make accounts for it's retailers and retailers can make accounts for their customers to login to the app. An added bonus is that you can immediately see the proportions of an object, which in 2D just doesn't feel the same.

On top of that, of course, you can project the furniture object into the room where you are, and you can even add multiple objects at once. Then it is also very easy to move the object around, just to see if you this item better in another place in the room. Besides static objects, animated objects can also be added. Think for example of an adjustable chair or bed, where users can have an exact view of the positions the item can take, and how it moves from one position to the next.

Objects can also be added in a variety of colors, so if the customer doesn't like yellow, then why don't they add the item in green or blue? It is also possible to create lighting inside the augmented reality app, giving all the more realism to the objects as they now cast a shadow.

After that, all you need to do is take a screenshot and send it to whomever you want to share it with. For furniture retailers, it is also possible to add a link to the product on their website, to lead customers straight to the place where they want to buy the item. Or to make it even easier, we can also integrate complete e-commerce functionality into the app, giving customers the option to view the item in their room, and then to add it straight to cart and make a payment.

And when giving useaboutrs the ability to zoom in, they can also get a closer look at the details and the textures which the furniture product possesses.

Besides the already mentioned advantages, for furniture retailers there is also an added bonus. Using the 3D app makes it easier to contact their suppliers to show which product they want to (re-)order, as not every manufacturer has a clear online assortment from where products can be ordered. In conclusion, there are already many advantages for the furniture industry to use augmented reality. And with technology progressing, we are sure we will be adding more exciting features over the coming months.