Data protection is a matter of trust and your trust matters a lot to us. To make you feel secure while visiting our websites, we are adhering to the strict rules set forth by law and we would like to hereby inform you about the registration and use of the data by us. In the following declaration regarding the protection of data we will explain to you which data of yours of registered by us, how we will use the data and whom you can contact regarding questions.

1. Responsible entity and rights of the website visitor

The responsible entity for the registration, processing and use of personal data regarding the General Data Protection Regulation is Orange Genesis Private Limited (hereandafter: Orange Genesis). Orange Genesis can be reached via the following contact details:

At any moment you can contact us to get information about your data which we have stored and to exercise your rights to correct, block or delete your data. Please contact us via the aforementioned contact details. In case you would like to object against the registration, use or processing of this data by Orange Genesis according to these statements regarding data proction in general of regarding specific measures, you can file your complaints with the aforementioned contact details via e-mail or via paper mail.

2. Registration, processing and use of personal data

Personal data is data about business or personal circumstances from a specific natural person. This includes for example your name, phone number and your address.

2.3.1 Newsletter

For sending the newsletter we will use the submitted e-mail address and we will need your consent that you agree to the reception of these emails, as the owner of the mentioned e-mail address. If you don't want to receive a newsletter from us anymore, then you can opt out of it at any time. A written statement for this to the aforementioned contact details will be sufficient. As you might expect, there will be an unsubscribe link in each newsletter.

2.3.2 Commercial banners

We use the data we gathered during your visit to show you commercial banners. This means you might see ads while visiting other websites. This is usually done with the use of cookies or pixels. It's our goal to make the ads more useful and interesting for you. This is why you might see ads with content you have already viewed on our website (so called retargeting). Regarding these commercial banners, the data we use cannot be traced back to any individual person. More information regarding cookies, pixels and retargeting can be found in points 3 and 6 of these policy.

3. Cookies

3.1 Introduction

As displayed in the cookie banner, Orange Genesis uses several types of cookies, web beacons and JavaScripts (combined, these will be referred to as 'cookies') on it's websites.

In this cookie policy, we will explain what cookies are, why they are used and how you can change browser settings to not accept cookies. Accepting cookies is not a condition for visiting our website.

3.2 Permission

For placing and reading certain cookies we don't have to ask your permission. This is the case for cookies that are necessary to communicate via internet, for cookies that are only being used to be able to deliver our services and for analytical cookies that have no or a minimal influence on your privacy. For other cookies we ask your permission before we place and read them. For this we will make use of the cookie banner in our shop. With it, you will consent to cookies by clicking further on our website. Don't you want this? Then you can choose to go to another website or app with a similar content.

3.3 What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that will be placed on your website during the visit. In this text file information will be stored. This information can be read by the website during a later visit. Some of these cookies are necessary because otherwise the website cannot function properly. Other cookies are added to increase the user-friendliness of the website, for example for remembering your preferred language. For this you don't have to select such a preference anymore during a later visit.

Web beacons are small graphical images on a website which are hidden to the user, with which the visit and use of a website can be measured.

A JavaScript is a program that is being installed on the device of the user and that is being executed from that device. By executing this program, Orange Genesis can determine where the user is at that moment and which actions are being performed. This way Orange Genesis gets a better understanding of the behavior on the website, so Orange Genesis can give the website a better layout and can target it's ads better on the internet.

3.4 Which types of cookies does Orange Genesis use and why?

The by Orange Genesis used cookies can be separated into the following categories, which we will explain below.

Functional cookies

This category of cookies is necessary to make sure the website performs as expected. The cookies ensure for example that information is being forwarded from one page to the next. This way you don't have to add the same information every time. This cookies also ensure that certain preferences which you have added while using a website of Orange Genesis (like preferred language or text size) are being remembered when using the site again in the future. For using this type of cookies we don't need your prior consent.

Analytical cookies

These cookies are necessary to permanently make the website conform to the wishes of our users by gathering anonymised information about how users are using our website. Due to the very limited impact of these cookies on your privacy, we don't need your consent for using these cookies. These analytical cookies also contain cookies which are placed and read by third parties on behalf of Orange Genesis, like Google Analytics.

Social Media cookies

To be able to easily share content of our website with others via buttons, we are making use of social media cookies of social media parties, so various social media parties will be able to recognize you. For the cookies being placed by social media parties and the data being gathered by these parties we refer to the statements of these various parties. To be able to use these cookies your consent is required.

- Facebook

Affiliate cookies

Part of the category of advertizing cookies are cookies being used for 'affiliate marketing'. These cookies provide information about the effectiveness of a shown ad; the cookie keeps track if you got a quote on our website as a result of an ad that has been shown. On the basis of this information the advertiser can be rewarded for the respective ad.

Because of the limited impact on the privacy of the user, we don't need consent for the use of these cookies.

Tracking cookies

Tracking cookies are being used for gathering information about your behavior on our website, so we can make an analysis of our website and continue to improve it. Besides this, we also use these cookies for future advertising purposes.

For using these cookies, we will need your prior consent.

Unforeseen cookies

Because of the way the internet works, Orange Genesis cannot continuously check which cookies are being placed by third parties via our websites. An example of how this can happen is when website content which is stored with other parties is being shown on our website. If this happens to be the case, we will greatly appreciate it if you inform us about this.

3.5 Changing cookie policy

Orange Genesis might make changes to this cookie policy from time to time without giving you a prior notice about this, for example because of a change in our websites or a change in rules regarding cookies. Changes will be effective immediately as soon as they are published on our website. We advise you to regularly check this cookie policy to be informed about any potential changes and, in case you wish, change your settings. If you keep using this website, you will consent to the possible changes of this cookie policy.

5. Log-files

With each visit of a website from Orange Genesis we will store user data regarding the used internet browser in server-logfiles. The stored data records will contain the following information: date and time of the visit, name of the visited website, referrer-URL (the origin URL from which you came to our website), the amount of sent data, product and version information of the used website. These logfile data records are being evaluated to improve our website and make it more user-friendly, to be able to track errors faster and to be able to correctly use server capacity. At the same time we are using these logfile data records to protect our websites against attacks, for example in the case of distributed-denial-of-service attacks, which are aimed to block a website by overloading it.

6. Web analysis

To be able to continuously improve and optimize our websites, we are using tracking technologies. For this we are using the services of Google Analytics.

6.1 Google Analytics

This website is using Google Analytics, a web analysis service of Google Inc ( Google Analytics uses methods which makes it possible to make an analysis of your use of our website, like for example cookies, which are text files which are stored on your device. The information that is created regarding your use of the website usually gets sent to a server of Google in the United States and stored there. Because of the activation of IP-anonymisation on this website, the IP-address for the transfer within the member states of the European Union are being shortened. Only in exceptional circumstances the complete IP-address is being transferred to a server of Google in the United States and is shortened there. The IP address which is shortened and transferred with regards to Google Analytics are not being merged with the other data of Google. You can prevent the registration and use of this data regarding Google Analytics by clicking the following link and downloading the browser plugin and installing it: .

As an alternative for this browser plugin you can also click on this link to prevent the registration by Google on this website in the future. For this, an opt-out cookie will be stored on your device. When you delete your cookies however, you will have to click this link again.

7. Retargeting en data registration by third parties for commercial banners

With regards to retargeting and commercial banners we are using third party services, which place cookies on our site. This concerns the following providers:

8. Secure data transfer

Your personal data are being sent securely to us by encoding them. This of course also regards the data you fill out in a form to contact us. For this we are making use of the encoding system TLS (Transport Layer Security). On top of this we are securing our website and other systems by use of technical and organizational measures against loss, destruction, access, change or distribution of your data by unauthorized persons.