Scan QR code with mobile camera to view 3D object

It's easy for users to scan the QR code for a product directly from a website and see it in the app.


Add multiple object in your view room

Users can add multiple objects to make it a complete room setup. You can also switch between the objects to move, drag and rotate them with features available.


Add your products in backend by defining categories for them

You can easily add products in backend and in simple steps you can also definte categories for each type of products. Add products in well defined categories and also be able to add, edit & delete them.


Use drag & rotate functions to place your object

Drag & rotate features helps you place the object in your room where you want them to be. Placing objects becomes easy with the drag & rotate function.


Show related products

Users will be able to see related products in the app to be able to make a complete room view for eg. you can see chairs and other decoration items when you are looking for a table in the app.


Increase or decrease size of the object to place in your room

You can also increase or decrease the size of an object to place them well in your live environment. Size adjustment feature also has the possibility to add height and width manually to be able to see how an object will fit in.


Setup logo and colour theme of your own brand

We can rebrand our solution and make it look like your own with your color scheme and logos. Our clients can also do this rebranding by themselves through backend directly.


Add bulk products with CSV

You can also add products and their information directly through a CSV. Just follow the instruction on what fields should your CSV have and then it's easy.


Role based access control

Now our clients can create their sub-domain and give role based access control to all their subordinates. They will only see the information which is available for them and not everything else.


Setup app and backend in your own language

Multilanguage support is the specialty of our solution due to our exposure in various countries. Currently we support English, Dutch & Spanish.


Add QR code to your website to redirect your customer to directly to object 3d view

We also help our customers to add QR code to their website so customers can scan the code directly from website and see your product in live environment through our ARStudio pro app.


See your customer list in the backend

We have made the backend quite simple and user friendly where all the information is available at your finger tips. You can also see all customers listed in the backend.


Add your supplier list to your backend

Users can also add supplier list to their own backend to keep all information under one platform.


Add brands of your products

Products can be classified using various categories and also using various brands.


Add materials and colors of your products

Products can also be added with different materials and colors available. You can choose from the materials available or also add your own colors and materials to see how the object looks in variations.


Add images and videos in your own media library

Once the user checks how the product looks in live environment, we then also give option to click a picture for the same and save it in the library.


Select your desired variation and open it in your space

Our variation feature allows you to publish 3D objects with multiple options including fabrics, sizes, colors and more. Users can select the color or fabric or size they like and open the desired option in their own space.