How Can AR in Furniture Industry Help Business Skyrocketing?

In today's tech-savvy world, several product categories are being purchased online using e-commerce portals - books, apparel, music, games, electronics, smartphones, furniture, and many others. It is hard to imagine a product category that is not being purchased online. With the inception and growing popularity of augmented reality, online furniture shopping is also gaining significant momentum across the globe. Based on a study conducted by Centric Digital, it is found that more than 60% of individuals in the US want to do furniture shopping using augmented reality. This statistic is an eye-opener for all furniture businesses and brands to adopt AR in retail furniture shopping.

Are you a furniture retailer seeking to adopt new technologies?

Augmented reality is the one for you. The use of AR apps for the furniture store can really boost your sales in the online world and help take your furniture business to the next level of growth.

Here is how augmented reality is transforming the furniture retail industry around the world.

1) Augmented reality offers customers the option to virtually try out furniture before actually buying

Using AR apps for the furniture store, customers can view the furniture products in 3D on their smartphones. All they need to do is click a snap of the physical space in their home or office and insert the 3D digital model of the furniture that would like to look at in the real-world environment. This enables customers to actually see the specifications, dimensions, and fit of the furniture piece in the space around them. For example, if a customer wishes to augment a stylish and trendy couch in the living room area, AR in shopping can make this happen.

2) Comfort to visualize products at home

Buying new furniture is not an easy thing. The entire process of going to a brick and mortar store is quite tedious. AR apps for the furniture store provide an immersive shopping experience for the customers. Customers can easily explore various furniture products at home in their real-world environment. Augmented reality helps furniture businesses in delivering standout experiences to customers.

3) Saves valuable cost and time for furniture businesses

With AR in shopping, furniture businesses can easily save valuable cost and time for storage, warehousing as well as transportation and logistics. AR apps for the furniture store don't require retail businesses to stock up the furniture in showrooms. Also, they require less manpower as the entire buying journey is online. Furniture being a big-ticket item occupies a lot of space and transit charges as well. Augmented reality helps furniture businesses and brands save this cost which ultimately adds to their bottomline.

4) Improved customer satisfaction

Augmented reality helps retail furniture businesses improve customer satisfaction levels. AR in shopping brings the in-store furniture shopping experience to the homes of customers, enabling them to make the right choice. This boosts customer satisfaction levels due to which they come back for more purchases.

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