How AR Is Ready To Level Up Marketing Efforts of Businesses?

Every technological innovation opens the door for marketers to try new ways to delight their customers. One of the trending innovations is augmented reality. AR has many applications in the real world and one of the areas AR is transforming is the relationship between the brand and the customer. 71% of customers said they would buy more frequently if retailers used AR solution for business.

When it comes to marketing, brands use immersive digital experiences to attract and retain customers. Companies that have incorporated AR solution for businesses into their marketing strategies have seen conversion rates up to 40% higher.

Benefits of using augmented reality in sales:

Kills the uncertainty before purchases

  • Brands can create interactive applications using augmented reality to give customers a real impression of a product.
  • For example, IKEA allows users to visualize what furniture would look like in their home before purchasing. AR Studio Pro lets users do the same.
  • Gucci even added an AR feature to its app that allows users to “try on” sneakers by pointing their smartphone camera down.
  • Therefore, augmented reality for business can be used to provide a visual representation of the product to customers and exponentially increase customer satisfaction.


Gives an edge in product service and support

  • Augmented reality for business transforms service and gives 360° support. Instead of contacting a support representative, users can integrate an interactive AR application that gives them the information they need.
  • This puts resources such as FAQ pages and helps documents readily available to customers.
  • Customers can instantly find answers to some of their common questions. It saves time for your team and the customer.


Increase Customer Engagement and Satisfaction

  • When customers interact with a product through AR, they become deeply involved and want to learn as much as possible, which can lead to a high level and frequency of customer satisfaction.
  • By using an AR solution for businesses in the sales process, one can get more satisfied customers who become loyal customers with less chance of having to return a product that they would otherwise have been misinformed about.


Increase revenues

  • Interactive 3D experiences with the help of an AR solution for businesses increase customer engagement. People like to buy what they understand.
  • This can translate into gaining a competitive advantage and, in turn, increased revenue.
  • Current buying trends indicate that a large percentage of buyers make buying decisions based on the ability to test a product with AR before buying.


Leave a lasting impression with augmented brand materials

  • Creating AR business cards offers several ways to improve your ability to make a lasting impression on new contacts.
  • An augmented version will not only remind the customer of your business, but it can also improve the perception of your organization as a state-of-the-art, customer-centric business.


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