How AR Studio Pro Bestows Several Benefits to Furniture Manufacturers?

AR Studio Pro is one of the best tools that can be used by any industry vertical to enhance customer experience and improve buyer’s journey. In this article, we will share how this tool can help a furniture manufacturer.

What is AR Studio Pro?

It is a comprehensive solution. It lets furniture manufacturers simplify and enhance onboard and sales processes. Furniture manufacturers take advantage of augmented reality to show their furniture items in 3D form. This helps in augmenting buyer’s experience.

AR Studio Pro has a web app and a native mobile app. However, customers are not abiding to use the native mobile app to take advantage of this best augmented reality solution for furniture manufacturers. Customers can even use the native camera app of their smartphones.

How AR Studio Pro Bestows Several Benefits to Furniture Manufacturers?

1. Create 3D objects for each piece of furniture for effective marketing

The AR Studio Pro offers an easy to use backend to furniture manufacturers. Any furniture manufacture can use this backend to add as many furniture products as he wants. On addition of each piece of furniture, the AR Studio Pro will create a 3D object of that piece of furniture. Moreover, this AR solution for furniture manufacturers will generate a unique QR code. Whenever someone scans this QR code, he or she can place that piece of furniture in their home, office, or store.

Using these QR codes in marketing and sales campaigns can help furniture manufacturers entice more customers and furniture retailers. The same QR codes can also be used by furniture retailers to further entice their customers with an effective marketing strategy.

2. Let customers visualize the furniture in the real world scenario

Whether your customers are the end users who will use the furniture or if they are retailers who further sell the furniture to the end users, using AR Studio Pro is beneficial. Your customers will not only be able to check the specifications of the furniture, but they will also be able to virtually check the furniture and its look and feel. This will help them make a well thought decision as they can check what they are buying. This will also help in increasing sales and reducing post sales support requirements.

3. Let customers choose the right furniture in a hassle free and secure manner

The AR Studio Pro is one of the most advanced and feature rich augmented reality applications available for furniture manufacturers. It not only lets buyers check the furniture in the real world scenario, but also lets them customize the piece of furniture. It means furniture retailers and direct customers will be able to change and check the size, colour, fabric, and other properties of the furniture to buy the best one. This helps in reducing refund or replacement requirements as well as post sales support requests.

In a nutshell, the AR Studio Pro is the best AR app for furniture manufacturers, which lets them grow faster and increase sales rapidly. Interested in knowing more? Book a free demo.