AR Studio Pro Major Use Cases

Technologies have been benefiting different industry verticals with their amazing features. In every few decades, some new technologies emerge and bring revolutionary changes. In the 21st century, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality are few revolutionary technologies that have brought a revolution in many industry verticals. Many advanced and never seen before products are built by using these trending technologies. AR Studio Pro is one of the popular products that have been built using one of the trending technologies, which is augmented reality.

AR Studio Pro is an augmented reality product, which is built to empower businesses. Businesses can use AR Studio Pro to simplify and enhance sales and marketing processes. In this blog post, we will share some of the popular use cases of AR Studio Pro.

Major use cases of AR Studio Pro:

1. Furniture manufacturers and retailers

AR Studio Pro is used in many industries. One of the industries that gain several business advantages using this augmented reality app for business is the furniture industry. Both retailers and manufacturers can use AR Studio Pro to augment the buyer’s experience. This app shows a piece of furniture in the real world environment by unleashing the powers of augmented reality technology. The furniture manufacturers and retailers can use the features of AR Studio Pro in the showroom and in their online stores. Customers can use the AR Studio Pro mobile app or the camera application of their smartphone to visualize a piece of furniture in their home or office. Within the showroom as well they can see customized options of the furniture by taking the help of augmented reality apps for the furniture industry.

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2. Fashion stores

The fashion industry is one of the booming industries. The craze of online shopping is as high as the craze of shopping in fashion outlets and stores. AR Studio Pro can empower the fashion industry, too. AR Studio Pro can add value to online shoppers as well as in-store buyers with its unique features. A fashion store can let a user see the 3D object of the cloth in the real world environment with the help of this augmented reality app for the fashion industry. They can use the AR Studio Pro mobile app or their smartphone camera. The AR Studio Pro can also add functionality to let users see a 3D version of a model and the clothes around that 3D model object. This can give a feel of wearing that cloth and select the one that matches the most. Now, people don’t need to physically try clothes. It can be done virtually.


These are the two major and most popular use cases of AR Studio Pro. Other than these two, it has several use cases in industries like interior designing, architectural display, real estate, etc. If you want to explore how can it fit in your industry and benefit you, book a free demo.