AR Studio Pro Increased In-store Purchases for a Netherland Based Furniture Retailer

AR Studio Pro is a leading augmented reality app for businesses. This augmented reality app enables different businesses to let their customers visualize different products in the form of 3D objects. This helps customers to get a better idea of how a particular item would appear on them or in their houses or offices. This helps them to make a better and well-informed buying decision. This augmented reality app for business is popular in the Netherlands and all across the globe. AR Studio Pro has been benefiting different industry verticals in the Netherlands and worldwide with its amazing features. One of the industries that majorly use this AR app is the furniture industry. Many furniture retailers, manufacturers, and wholesalers use this augmented reality app for their businesses, called AR Studio Pro in the Netherlands and worldwide.

In this blog post, we will talk about one of the furniture retailers that has been using AR Studio for a long and is very happy with this app. We will share how a furniture retailer could succeed in increasing online sales, as well as, footfalls in the store and increase in-store purchase, too.

Optimaalzitcomfort is one of the known retail furniture stores based out of Dronten in the Netherlands. This furniture retailer has been selling furniture to people in Dronten, the Netherlands for more than a decade now. This retail store buys the furniture from the top furniture manufactures and sells them. Optimaalzitcomfort has a physical store, as well as, an online store to let its customers and potential customers explore and buy the piece of furniture as per their choices. 70% of the client base of this retail furniture store in the Netherlands is commercial users. It means the store receives more purchases for office furniture such as office chairs, stand up chairs, relax chairs, etc.

This retail furniture store has been looking for ways to uplift its sales via physical stores and online portals, both. AR Studio Pro, the best AR app for furniture retailers, provided a mobile app for its customers. The AR Studio Pro also provided a backend to Optimaalzitcomfort, so it can add more furniture items to its online store.

The customers of this retail furniture store now use the AR Studio Pro app to explore a well-organized and categorized collection of furniture items. This helps them get a larger view of the offerings of Optimaalzitcomfort. This increases in-store visits of potential buyers. Moreover, AR Studio Pro shows even those furniture items, which are not available in the physical store. All furniture items can be visualized as 3D objects in the real world environment that helps buyers to explore the furniture collection of Optimaalzitcomfort in a more personalized manner. This has not only increased online sales, but has also added up to the brand positioning of this retail furniture store. This has also contributed to increasing in-store purchases along with increasing online sales.

We have published the complete success story of Optimaalzitcomfort that gives more details about how the AR Studio Pro increased in-store sales for Optimaalzitcomfort. Read the complete success store, here.