How Does Augmented Reality Benefit a Business?

Augmented reality technology that is creating all the buzz today is not the novel technology that most people consider it to be. Augmented reality first came into existence in the year 1968, more than 50 years ago. Since then, augmented reality has come a long way. This is mainly due to the advancement in technology, the popularity of smartphones, and the speed of the internet to go with it.

Although augmented reality has made an impact in different spheres of life, it is still in the infancy stage when it comes to being adopted by different businesses in diverse industry verticals. Most people think that the potential of augmented reality is only limited to gaming and entertainment. However, augmented reality, a technology that amalgamates the digital world and the real-world has unlimited potential.

If you are a business owner, here is how augmented reality can greatly impact your business as well, just the way it has impacted other businesses.

1) AR in shopping brings the in-store experience at home

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic had restricted people from moving out freely, especially for shopping. With social distancing and minimal human interaction becoming the new normal, people across the world have resorted to shopping from home. Augmented reality in shopping has brought about a complete change in the way people shop. It provides an 'in-store' shopping experience to people in the comfort of their homes. Just like people try and buy in-store, AR in shopping allows them to try things virtually before they buy.


  • The Ikea AR app enables customers to see how the furniture fits into the real world.
  • The famous shoe company Nike has introduced an AR feature into its app Nike Fit. All a user needs to do is point the smartphone's camera towards the feet and the app will determine the shoe size that best fits the feet.

2) AR in providing an interactive learning experience for kids

Augmented reality is beneficial for kids and children as well. AR apps enable them to easily learn and grasp concepts like the human body, the solar system, working of the heart, etc. These concepts otherwise are quite tedious to understand from the books. The 3D visualization offered by AR is what makes a great difference.


  • EKID is an augmented reality app that allows children to explore the world around them using AR flashcards.
  • Narrator AR app teaches children how to write letters, words, and numbers using augmented reality technology.

3) AR offering an engaging travel experience

Whether you are looking for your favourite bakery or cafe nearby in a new location, augmented reality apps with GPS can get you there. Not just outdoor travel, augmented reality apps are beneficial for indoor navigation as well. If you have lost your way inside a mall or airport, an AR app is there at your convenience.


  • Google Maps AR overlays virtual directions in the real-world and helps people navigate to their desired location.
  • FlippAR Go app is an augmented reality app that creates interactive travel experiences for the travellers.

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