How Industries Are Using Augmented Reality for Reshaping Businesses?

Indeed, augmented reality is always linked to games like Pokémon Go and fun activities like using Snapchat filters. However, the potential benefits of augmented reality for the business world are not limited to these two areas of gaming and entertainment. AR technology has entered different industries and brought revolutionary transformations. It has proven to be a perfect weapon to relish success in today's competitive market.

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Here are five fascinating augmented reality examples showing how technology is shaping the way businesses operate.


Manufacturing: 3D augmented reality saves time and money

  • In industries like manufacturing, one can't afford to make a single mistake in the development process.
  • A minor error can become the reason to rebuild or improve an existing product, which will be expensive and time consuming.
  • Augmented reality tools for businesses offer a great solution to easily detect manufacturing errors.
  • The technology, with its potential to digitize the product prototype in 3D, makes the prototype easy to access and understand.



  • With this blurring of the lines between physical and digital purchases, augmented reality allows businesses to bridge the gap and introduce new and improved ways for customers to shop.
  • For example, the use of AR Studio Pro in a retail furniture e-store lets users view the furniture in the 3D format in their houses before purchasing it.



  • The role of AR solutions for businesses like medical and healthcare applications is remarkable.
  • This technology offers a whole new set of opportunities and benefits to healthcare professionals, medical students, and others for a better experience.
  • Some of the ways AR is transforming this industry are through augmented diagnostics, augmented surgery, and augmented training and practice.


Real Estate

  • Since the internet is the primary place for buyers and tenants to search for new homes, AR solutions for businesses have a lot to offer in this area, too.
  • It can help users experience homes differently, filter out what they like and dislike, and save clients and real estate agents time. They can also use tools like AR Studio Pro to explore constructions before they get built.
  • Augmented Reality proves to be a great tool for construction workers. They bring floor plans and images to life for clients to see what their potential new home would look like.


Training and education

  • Introducing AR technology in the classroom can make education more engaging, interactive, and even convert boring subject matter into a fun learning experience.
  • By downloading and accessing the apps on their phones, students can gain more in-depth information or step-by-step instructions and, most importantly, a better understanding of the subject by visualizing objects using augmented reality.

These are just examples of some industries that can and are being revolutionized by augmented reality. Although the potential of augmented reality for business is not yet fully exploited, the technology is ushering in a new era in the business world. It improves the way brands interact with customers and acts as the right tool to drive customer engagement. Thus, using it in your business can be beneficial.

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