Diving into the Future of Augmented Reality Technology

Is the future set to be augmented?

How would it feel if you could communicate with all the objects around you and they could communicate with you?

Sounds unreal, right? However, this is reality.

We are moving forward into an AUGMENTED future of the real world. This all began in the year 2016 when the Pokémon Go game made people experience the true power of augmented reality. It proved to the entire world that reality is going to be augmented in the future.

In the modern world that we are living in, there is hardly any industry where augmented reality hasn't made its mark. In the world of augmented reality, the virtual and real worlds overlap with each other creating a captivating and immersive experience. By using augmented reality apps, you can see how goggles or glasses would appear on your face or how a new bed would appear in your bedroom.

Even though the use of augmented reality can be witnessed in several industries like healthcare, learning, real estate, and many others, AR still has a long way to go. The future of AR is extremely bright and the results that can be achieved are limitless.

Here are some of the ways in which augmented reality is all set to transform our future.

1) AR-powered shopping apps

The retail industry is perhaps the most preferred for the application of augmented reality. Shopping apps based on augmented reality are the future of AR in the shopping world. Using AR shopping apps, customers can actually see how a particular product would fit into the real world. By adopting augmented reality into their plan, businesses can enhance the shopping experience of customers. It enables customers to make the right choice before choosing a product. AR-powered shopping apps make the 'try before you buy' concept a reality even when one is not physically visiting the brick and mortar stores.

2) AR-powered navigation and mapping

We have already witnessed the true power of augmented reality through the use of Google Maps AR for outdoor navigation. Augmented reality is set to change the way we navigate - both indoors and outdoors. For outdoors, the display of real-time maps with proper directions would make it easier to find restaurants, hospitals, coffee shops, grocery outlets, etc. around you. There is ample scope for augmented reality to create a powerful presence in the world of indoor navigation. Yes, whenever you visit large malls, shopping complexes, hospitals, or even universities, it is quite a task to find out where exactly your destination is located. Augmented reality has the potential to make indoor navigation easy and convenient through the use of real-time directions.

3) AR-enabled manufacturing

Augmented reality has the capability to streamline the manufacturing process, thereby resulting in enhanced productivity and lowered downtime. The future of AR in manufacturing would also involve training of several new employees, both within the country and overseas as well. AR-based training materials would enable the workforce to learn how to handle the new machinery and equipment safely. This would ensure complete safety in the manufacturing process.

Are you someone who is planning to leverage the potential of augmented reality for your business? The future of AR is positive and full of promise. This is the perfect time for you to invest in augmented reality for the future of your business.

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