Trends of Customer Experience in the Retail Industry 2021

In today's world of tough competition between businesses and brands across the globe, it is the customer experience that will determine the success or failure of any business in any industry vertical. Talking about the retail industry, small things matter a lot. Even a slight mistake and you could end up losing a prospective customer. This ultimately impacts the bottom-line of your business negatively.

Have you heard about augmented reality (AR); the technology that overlays digital content in the real-world environment?

The use of AR in retail has increased tremendously during the COVID-19 pandemic. The retail industry was one of the most severely impacted due to COVID-19 pandemic. While all brick and mortar stores were closed due to the pandemic, many retail businesses and brands tried their hands on an augmented reality app.

With AR in retail, customers don't need to physically visit stores. They can make purchases through the augmented reality app by sitting on the couch at home. Even if they are travelling, they can select the products of their choice. The 'try before you buy' option is the perfect icing on the cake with AR in retail. If a customer wants to buy sunglasses, he/she can physically try them on their face using their smartphones. The same is true for apparels. An augmented reality app provides customers with an experience resembling in-store buying. Moving ahead, AR in retail is likely to gather even more momentum. The reason behind this is that even after the pandemic is over, social distancing and minimal human contact are likely to be the new normal in the future.

If you own a business or a brand, here are some trends that can be potential game-changers for your business and brand.

1) Deliver experiences and not just products

Take the example of any successful retail brand or business around the world. It is the experience that is delivered to customers that matters. For your brand to grow and for people to stay connected, it is imperative for you to give them an out-of-the-box and captivating experience that they will cherish for a lifetime.

2) Personalization is the key

In the world of retail, there are multiple businesses and brands offering the same products. Hence, it is essential to provide a personalized buying experience to the shoppers. This may be done by displaying only the products that a customer is looking for based on previous searches. A personalized message carrying the name can also be sent offering special discounts.

3) Rewards and loyalty programs

If you want customers to keep coming to your brand frequently, having a rewards and loyalty program is essential. These programs are vital to retail customers.

4) Giving customers their own space

Customers like to make purchases alone and not be disturbed by the staff. In order to be a successful brand, it is necessary to respect the privacy of customers and let them be alone unless of course, they ask for help.

5) Customer feedback

Customer feedback is essential to get to know the positives and the negatives too. Working towards eliminating the negatives is what will get your brand the success that it is looking for.

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