Features of ARKit 3 for Augmented Reality App Development

ARKit 3
ARKit is an innovative Augmented Reality application for iOS that evolves the way people relate to their environment.

People Occlusion

The main advantage of ARkit3 in AR content is to pass realistically behind and in-front of people in the real world. This makes AR interactions more immersive and definitely more realistic that enables green screen-style effects in any environment. There are almost infinite possibilities for this feature.

Motion Capture

Usually, motion capture is done in big studio spaces. This is done with the help of lots of cameras and wearing weird looking motion tracking suits around the particular subjects. That’s how the motion of a person in real time with a single camera is captured. One of the main improvement there is that you can capture the picture of person with single camera.

In order to understand the AR experience, you can use motions and poses. This may also help in recognizing the location and movement of the body.

Simultaneous Front and Back Camera

This sounds like small thing, but when you really do think about it is quite big. It doesn’t feel natural to just tap or swipe a screen. This is how AR lacks the way to interact with it.

Now, the front and back cameras can be used for face and world tracking. This builds new opportunities. For instance, this can really convenient to apply makeup or to project glasses on your face.

Multiple Face Tracking

Correctly you can place Animoji or Memoji on face, you can say new tech can place three faces at once. This techonology can be used for many other activities too. Yeah, you and other two friends can have a photo with cat ears at the same time.