Best Furniture Industry Web Augmented Reality Use Case in 2020

The furniture industry is experiencing a rapid wave of digitalization and transformation, with the desire to boost sales, decrease returns and improve customer experience.

Some example like Ikea, Wayfair and Houzz that are furniture retailers and e-commerce market retailers have already invested in Augmented Reality technology. They did this to stay ahead of the competition and also to get more customers to their websites and online stores.

Clients are 10 times more likely to buy a product if they have visualized it with the help of AR technology. Augmented Reality is definitely considered as one of the main improvements for sales in 2020. This helps customers to visualize products in their environment and to build the attachment with the product and brand.

Due to high costs and implementation time, many furniture firms assumed that AR technologies is not open for small and medium sized companies. In recent years, things have been changed. Reasons for that are that the implementation and testing of AR became much faster and that of costs required for implementing became significantly lower. AR technologies are open to use for everyone.

In 2019, new releases of Apple ARKit and Google ARCore were published. This made it possible for AR developers to view 3D content online without a need of any additional applications.  Considering this, ViewAR has developed a converter that makes it possible to create AR compatible 3D models for iOS(USDZ) and Android(glb) in a short period of time. The advantage of this is that you can easily view 3D objects on iOS and Android devices, which shortens the time needed to create 3D objects. You can quickly implement this competitive feature without any really difficult requirements, large commitments or months of implementation.