Best Furniture Industry Web Augmented Reality Use Case in 2020

Today, many innovative and fascinating technological trends are now an integral part of different industries. Emerging technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality have completely changed customer interaction techniques. Market leaders have accepted the concept of technology and augmented reality (AR) solutions to face up the competition and gain more traffic on their online stores and websites.

Retailers are also starting to use AR technology to reinvent the digital shopping experience with virtual storefronts. Kohl's retailer has collaborated with Snapchat to create Kohl's AR virtual closet recently in May. Levi's is a brand that complements its augmented reality retail strategy with digital tools like Squad, an online co-viewing video app where friends can shop together. The app launched in April to recreate some of the social experiences people miss and long for amid the pandemic.

VR furniture applications are also making a mark in this industry. People can use a virtual reality headset to take a fully immersive tour of an apartment they want to buy. Developing an augmented reality furniture application can seem like a very expensive affair. But this does not seem to be. The prices are quite genuine compared to the huge benefits it offers. It's just a one-time investment by the retailer. The augmented reality approach has given the customer experience a boost by augmenting the digital model in his own space and helping him personalize the item as many times as he wants.

Being essentially immersive, augmented reality represents a new facet for the online furniture industry. Upgrading a piece of furniture in real environments benefits from impeccable design in the minds of consumers. This dynamic on the consumer side generate better sales that trigger the overall growth and development of the business. Therefore, Augmented Reality is a unique solution for any business to witness tremendous business expansion on the rise.