Google Measure Updated With Smarter AR Tools, Material Theme UI

The Measure app was previously only available in Tango, which was Google's previous AR development kit. Google has updated the Measure app last year so it is now compatible with ARCore as well. The application utilizes AR to measure distances. This is all done in version 2.2, in which they have changed the user interface and introduced smarter tools.

Google delivered significant improvements to interface and user experience with the update of Measure app. You no longer need to choose tools between ‘Distance’ or ‘Elevation’ just tap the 'plus’ button in the bottom center.

To measure length or height just move the second indicator to that point.  When you are switching to a new axis, Measure 2.2 take advantage of vibrations as a form of feedback. In case you don’t like this option you can always disable it.

This update allow users to take multiple measurements in the same scene that makes screenshots simpler and richer. You can press the + button again, once you are done.

The overflow button which is at the top-right corner of the screen which just opens another pair of sheets. The display unit can be changed between imperial and metric or the other option is to ‘clear all’. The app also have the option to open your image gallery client. This allows you to send pictures which has been taken in measure to your image gallery. You can also switch the vibration on/off.

The Material theme update makes Google measure smarter and easier to use.