Employee and customer accounts

We have built this app both for businesses and their customers. So in first instance, you can create accounts for your employees so they can use the app to present products.

However, we have also made it easy for your customers to create accounts so they can then view your products from anywhere they like.


Data Backups

We have high quality servers with full, daily backups. In case of the unexpected this means little to no data will be lost.

We also use load balanced servers to ensure as little downtime as possible, because in case one fails, the other will take over immediately.


A professional support team

We provide support during the integration, but also when you are already a client with us. This way, we will help you with setup products and change your settings.

But also when you need help with billing or creating customer accounts, we are here to help you.


Creating 3D objects

It can be a difficult process to actually create 3D objects and make sure they have the proper support files and dimensions.

Luckily we have designers working for us who have made many proper 3D objects which are compatible with the app who can create objects for you.


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