What Are Must Have Features in the AR App for Furniture Retailers?

Similar to all other industry verticals, the furniture industry is also adopting technology tools. The retail furniture business owners have been letting their customers buy from online shopping portals and mobile apps from the comfort of their houses. The brand new trend in a remote shopping of retail furniture business is augmented reality driven shopping.

The AR apps for furniture businesses provide an augmented buying experience for users. That is why online shoppers have shown more interest in using this kind of apps to aid their buying decisions. The furniture retailers that succeed in adding augmented reality in online shopping or physical store based shopping also succeeded in increasing sales.

If you are thinking to get an AR app for your retail furniture business, then read this blog post further. In this blog post, we will share major features that your AR app for retail furniture stores must have.

In the market, there are hundreds of augmented reality applications available. Not all of them have the key features that can indeed help in improving customer experience and ultimately sales. Thus, exploring the list of key features before buying an app is necessary.

Here are the key features, which are the must have features, in the AR app for furniture retailers:

1. Furniture overlay

This is the beauty of augmented reality. It can use the real world environment and show other objects in an augmented manner with 3D or 2D objects. The AR application for a furniture retailer must have a furniture overlay feature.

This feature lets the online buyers overlay the preferred or selected piece of furniture in any room of the house or office. This can let buyers visualize how the furniture would appear after purchase. This can make sure the customers can make an informed and well thought decision. This not only makes the customers feel fulfilled with their buying decision, but also helps furniture retailers increase their businesses.

Already, some furniture retailers and manufacturers use one of the best augmented reality applications for the furniture industry, namely, AR Studio Pro. Read case studies here.

2. Furniture customization options

The augmented reality app for the furniture industry can come up with an amazing feature and one of them is the customization of furniture. The customers can overlay the furniture in any room and can also customize it to see the different options to match with the interior and needs. The best augmented reality application can provide features to customize the colour of the furniture, change the fabric, change the size, etc. All these features are necessary to give enough options to buyers to buy the best furniture and try as many options as they want. This helps in improving the buying experience and sales, both. Thus, it is a must have feature.

These are the must have features in the augmented reality application for furniture retailers. AR Studio Pro is the best and trusted AR app for the furniture industry. It has all mentioned and many other features empower sales of the retail furniture business. Book a free demo to explore more.