New APIs in ARKit 3.5


ARKit 3.5 has been launched with the novel LiDAR scanner for the new iPad Pro. This scanner facilitates precise detection of surfaces and to create a model of the environment.

Key variations - ARKit 3.5 vs. 3.0

  • In-depth knowledge of the actual world makes the occlusion of the object and physics of the real-world environment objects possible.
  • It also provides you with more data to charge up your augmented reality workflow.
  • It allows faster level surface identification using which quick positioning of augmented reality objects is possible.
  • Estimation of height in motion capture and estimation of depth in people occlusion is also possible.

API additions in ARKit 3.5

Given below are the various API modifications and changes.

Scene geometry

  • It offers you a triangular model of the environment (topographical map)
  • It also provides you with a distinct categorization of irregular surfaces. For example walls, ceiling, window, table, floor, and many others.
  • All the key data and information in front of you makes object occlusion, interactions of physics, and the illumination of the real-world objects possible.

Superior motion detection and people occlusion

AR apps for the new iPad pro make the following reality:

  • Pin-point estimation of people scale in mo-cap
  • Precision depth for people occlusion
  • Exclusion of people from the restructured model is possible by ARKit. (For a much effective environment model generation, you can allow both scene generation and people occlusion)