QR Code Scanning Feature of ARStudio Pro

If you are looking out for an Augmented Reality app that offers a single touch view of various products, ARStudio Pro is the best solution.

QR codes are an effective means for businesses and brands to share valuable information with customers instantly. AR Studio Pro, the AR app has recently introduced the QR code scan feature along with many other features.

How does the QR code scan feature function?

Click and follow the below-mentioned link.


  • On opening the above link on your desktop or smartphone, a button labelled “View in Your Space”, will be displayed to view the 3D object in the real world space around you.
  • On opening the above link through a web browser on your desktop or smartphone, a webpage showing detailed information and a 3D model of the product will open. You are free to modify the size and colour of the product and see how it will look in your house or office.

Want to experience the power of QR codes? Click the button at the bottom of the object. An image of a QR code will be popped up. You can use your Smartphone's camera to scan the QR code and look at the object on your smartphone screen and how it would appear in the physical space around you.

Another alternative to this is the physical printing of QR codes on different marketing collaterals. This would help captivate the attention of your target audience. The camera on a smartphone is enough to scan the physical QR code.

AR Studio Pro is an augmented reality app, which is constantly being upgraded. Out-of-the-box features are being added in each new version of this app.

Below is a link of video tutorial that gives information about the various capabilities of AR Studio Pro.


Do you feel that an augmented reality solution like an AR Studio Pro would be helpful for your business?

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