How Do Retailers Construct Buzz and Brand Awareness Using AR Technology?

In today's world of tough competition, it is essential for upcoming brands to emphasize on the USP of their products or services. This can be achieved using augmented reality that offers an immersive shopping experience to the customers. Using AR apps, brands can transform the way customers see their products, thus resulting in more positive buying decisions. The use of augmented reality (AR) technology creates a world of innovation and magic for the customers. Using AR apps, businesses can keep users engaged and hooked to their brand.

Here are different innovative ways in which augmented reality technology is being used in the retail business.

Cup Magic, an AR app launched by Starbucks enables customers to bring their coffee mug to life by animating it using their smartphones. Using this app, customers can find different characters that dance, sing, play, etc., and place them on their cups to experience the magic of AR.

Lego, a Denmark based company and manufacturer of the famous bricks and blocks set game that kids love to play with making use of augmented reality to make models come to life. By using an interactive AR kiosk, children can actually get to see how the fully assembled model would appear when the Lego building box is raised. They allow kids to actually visualize how the end product looks like. This enhances the buying experience of kids by adding an element of interest and excitement in their minds.

Hyundai, the popular car brand also leverages the power of augmented reality. Hyundai transforms its user manual experience for customers from the traditional paper-based one to a virtual one. By using an augmented reality app, Hyundai car buyers can place their cameras on different car parts such as the engine, gearbox, etc., and get all the support and assistance they need directly on the smartphones.