Smart Glasses: Redefining the Experience in E-commerce Industry

E-commerce is not merely about showcasing your products online. The present competitive retail market wants eCommerce businesses to come up with something unique and innovative. The use of augmented reality in shopping is something which serves the purpose. Moving further beyond, wearable devices like smart glasses are all set to provide a full-fledged immersive e-commerce experience. Smart glasses would be the next era of online shopping moving forward into the future.

Smart glasses are transformational wearable gadgets that have a potentially much bigger than smartphones. They provide contextual information to the wearer which he/ she can easily view and read in front of the eyes. According to a forecast by Statista, around 22.8 million smart AR glasses are expected to be sold across the globe by 2022.

Here is how the use of smart glasses in the eCommerce industry is all set to completely transform the industry.

1) Product recognition

A key benefit of using smart glasses in the eCommerce industry is product recognition. The use of an image recognition solution coupled with smart glasses can enable customers to recognize different products easily on the e-commerce portal. Product recognition gives important information about products, their pricing, and any special offers, if available.

2) Contact-free access to AR content

Smart glasses in the eCommerce industry will make contact-free access to AR content. Of course, handheld devices won't go away but their use will reduce significantly with the popularity of smart glasses. Also, customers won't need a mobile app to view any content because of the implementation of AR in shopping.

3) Virtual visualization of products

The use of smart glasses in the e-commerce industry and AR in shopping empowers customers to virtually see products in front of them from the comfort of their homes. All they need to do is put on those smart glasses and see how their bedroom or living room looks like with all the new furniture around. The use of AR in shopping makes the 'try before you buy' option possible virtually. With AR, the real-world environment around the individual appears to be augmented with a few virtual elements overlaid. The use of smart glasses and AR in shopping provides enhanced visualization of products compared to the physical items in brick and mortar stores.

4) Seamless buying experience

Cart abandonment bothers even the best retail businesses and brands. Smart glasses in the eCommerce industry provide a rich, interactive, and immersive experience to the customers. AR in shopping gives customers a new reason to visit an online store. It also makes the possibility of comparative shopping a reality. The powerful combination of smart glasses and AR brought by AR Studio Pro in the shopping industry provides a seamless and hassle-free buying experience to the shoppers.

5) Location-based marketing

Businesses in the eCommerce industry can use location-based marketing by means of push notifications. The notification would directly pop-up on the smart glasses of customers when they are in close proximity of a store. A notification that appears directly on the smart glass screen is very difficult to ignore and overlook. This entices the customer to visit the physical store which is nearby to get the discounts and offers as mentioned in the notification. However, businesses and brands use location-based marketing cautiously.

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