Online presence and increased 30% online orders

About Business:

Tofliving is the furniture manufacturer & sellers based in Dronten, Netherlands. They have been creating top-notch furniture items like Chairs, sofas, Headboards, Cabinets, Coffee Tables, Beds and also office items. They are in this business since 1998 and only grown since then. They now own 12 stores in Amsterdam, Zeewolde, & Drontent and they also had an online presence with a few products before they reached out to ARStudio pro.


  • They were using a competitor’s AR solution in the past but were not happy with overall support and continuous bug fixes in both backend & mobile app.
  • To be able to easily add products in the backend with defined categories and their 3D models.
  • To be able to directly scan items from website and see them in the mobile’s browser.


  • Created strong online presence and increased 30% online orders.
  • Less manpower required in the physical stores and focused mainly on shipping products in defined time.
  • Easy order management for corporate clients


Tofliving already had a website so we first updated the website and made sure it has simplest payment gateways and increase the user friendliness of the website. We also added QR code for each of their product so that the customers can easily scan the code and see it through their mobile phone’s camera in their web browser or in their live environment. We created 3D products for their over 120 products and placed them all through backend. Now their customers can easily go to the ARStudio pro app, login easily and check all the latest products, place them in their view and also resize as per their own requirement. They can also add a custom request through the app if they wanted to increase or decrease the size of the product they are purchasing so it can be delivered just how they want.

Category - Furniture Retailers

Stores - 12

Country - Netherlands