Increased buying ability for customers by 30%

About Business:

Alderwin is a sanitary ware business that owns multiple stores and showrooms headquartered in Croatia. They manufacture most of their products and sell it all over Europe. Their Manufacturing facilities are in Croatia, Italy and Belgium. Their quality products and their commitment to 'Service is everything' has earned them a high customer rating. They also sell products to other sanitary ware retailers.


  • Alderwin were in need to showcase all their products at one place
  • Were in need to increase their showroom and B2B sales
  • To be able to streamline the sales process and reach customers directly


  • Increased buying ability for customers by 30%
  • Reduction in order returns by 20%
  • Worked as an IT partner to fulfill all their needs in addition to ARStudio pro


Alderwin had a need to showcase all their products, some of which are not available in their various showrooms. We uploaded all their products in the app so the customers can see these products, check them with view in your room option. The Alderwin employee can then easily place an order together with the customer via the app. We generated QR codes for all their products and they placed these QR codes in the showroom. Upon scanning a QR code, the respective product will then immediately open in the app. The backend of the app allowed them to upload products easily under well-defined categories. Associated retailers have their own accounts in the app so they can see the whole available product assortment, including the newest additions to it. Via the app they can order products immediately from Alderwin. Alderwin is happy with the 24x7 customer support by ARStudio pro team and they saw an overall increase in sales thanks to the app.

Category - Tiles & Sanitary Ware Retailers

Customer Rating - A+

Country - Croatia