25% Increase in B2B sales for 2019

About Business:

Envio is a furniture wholesaler based in Kenya with over 25 years of Industry experience. As a growing company, they sell a variety of furniture items like tables, chairs and beds and some types of outdoor furniture like gazebos and sun umbrellas.

They are a wholesale company that has tie up with about 75 retailers in the market. Around 80% of their sales was generated through manual orders from their retailers on quarterly orders. They have now given their retailers a way to stay updated with the entire product assortment and newest additions and Envio would like to give this credit to ARStudio Pro.


  • In need of bringing AR technology to their business and build a strong connection to their associated retailers.
  • To be able to show their products in a live environment so the retailers can make their choice for the next order.
  • Manage the Brand identity & Brand compliance of their B2B customers


  • 25% increase in B2B orders in the 2019 year.
  • Reduced labor cost and order turnaround time.


They started with a basic website with pictures of their furniture products and later they signed up with ARStudio pro for creating 3D models of furniture items. Allowing their retailers to be able to see those objects in a live environment, take a good look at how those items will look in their showroom or in any other desired environment. They trusted ARStudio pro for setting up QR codes for each product in the communication to their retailers, so their customers can directly scan each product item from their phone’s camera and see them with AR technology.

Category - Furniture Manufacturer

Retailers - approximately 75

Orders - B2B