The ARStudio Pro Resize Feature

ARStudio Pro, an Augmented Reality app, is specifically designed and developed for individuals who would like to experience how products would actually look in the real world around them. It can show how a dining table would appear in the dining room or for that matter, how a new wooden bed would look like in the bedroom.

AR Studio Pro is always looking to add new features depending on the feedback received from the users. One such feature that has been integrated into the app is the Resize feature. It allows users to easily control and manage the size of products as they would like to see it.

How does the resize feature function?

Are you looking to resize any product like a bed to fit into your room or a table to fit into your office cabin? You can easily do it with the resize feature in the ARStudio Pro app.

  • Choose a product and see how it looks in the space around you (home/ office)
  • Once the product is placed in the desired real-world environment, tap the icon showing 'Resize'
  • After you tap the icon of 'Resize', two options will be displayed.
  1. Metric - Measures height, width, and depth in centimetres.
  2. Imperial - Inches and feet are used for measurement.

AR Studio Pro is an AR app in which frequent upgrades and improvements are carried out. Novel features are being introduced in every update.

Given below is a link to a video that provides information about the different potentials and capabilities of ARStudio Pro.

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