How Augmented Reality Is Used to Educate People on Pollution?

Pollution has become a serious threat to the environment. Augmented reality (AR) serves as an effective means to educate the people, especially the youngsters about the hazardous effects of pollution on the environment. This makes environment conservation the need of the hour.

AR is a technology that is immersive and impactful as well. Here is how AR can help create alertness amongst the masses regarding the conservation of the environment.

1) Spreading awareness and educating the people

The pollutants that cause pollution come in different forms - solids, liquids, gases. The majority of these pollutants enter the ecosystem and end up in the water bodies like oceans and seas or landfill sites. This leads to land, soil, and water pollution.

Pollution is something that has become almost unavoidable. From the tonnes of plastic found deep in the oceans to space debris, we are surrounded by pollution everywhere.

In order to save the planet, it is time for people, especially the young generation to step up and take care of their environment. AR is a great technology that can assist this cause of making people aware of the need for conserving the natural environment. Although AR is not the primary choice, it certainly has the capability to do it.

2) The pollution control using augmented reality

While AR is still in the budding stage when it comes to being embraced fully by diverse industry verticals, there are some AR apps that focus on protection of the environment.

These include:

Agents of Discovery

This is a free AR app game for youngsters, which lets them explore the beauty of nature and get engaged with it. This educational game is all about solving challenges and missions. It exposes children to the world of forests and wildlife right from a young age and fosters the spirit of environmentalism in them. It is an effective tool to make the youngsters aware of the need for protecting the forests and water resources around them from pollutants.

Our ocean life

This augmented reality app takes you to an underwater journey. It provides an immersive underwater experience and highlights the ill-effects of plastic pollution on aquatic life. This AR app created by Warrior9 VR is an eye opener for the youngsters to take the right steps in preventing water pollution.

AR apps can augment the real problem of pollution that exists in today's world and make the youngsters aware that it is time for a change in attitude and thought towards the environment.