ViewAR USDZ and GLB Converter: The Easiest First Step for Your Company towards WebAR

Web AR, GLB, and USDZ are the next three buzzwords and topics of discussion in the world of Augmented Reality. The likelihood of incorporating augmented reality in the websites that exist today and the possibility to use augmented reality without requiring any additional apps are gathering momentum.

For viewing augmented reality 3D models on smartphones, both Google and Apple have their own indigenous ways.

  • GLB (For devices functioning on Android)
  • USDZ (For iOS devices)

There are plenty of websites where conversion from one format to another can be easily done. At present, both GLB and USDZ are by no means perfect. They effectively manage reflection of geometry, but are unable to convert materials which appear to be fragmented in most cases. This flaw was aptly taken care of by ViewAR by developing a powerful model converter for GLB and USDZ. Customization of after conversation materials were made possible by this robust model converter.

ViewAR - Advanced GLB and USDZ converter

Since the converter functions with the web browser, download and installation of any software are not required. For making sure all converted 3D models fit accurately in the physical world, one can make use of the integrated material editor for alignment, set up, and use of Physically Based Rendering (PBR) materials. OBJ and FBX are the file types supported by it.

ViewAR - GLB and USDZ plug-in

ViewAR also has a plugin which enables the addition of GLB and USDZ to virtual stores and websites using just one JavaScript line.