What Is AR Studio Pro? How Does It Work?

AR Studio Pro is one of the top rated technology apps with 4.8+ star ratings in Android and Apple app stores. Still, if you are unaware of the power of this augmented reality app or interested in knowing more about it, then this article is for you.

This article will share complete detail about what the AR Studio Pro is and how it works to benefit businesses.

What is AR Studio Pro?

It is an augmented reality application, which is built to enhance buyer’s journey. This app will let your customers visualize any product or item in a real world scenario. They can increase or decrease the size of the object they are willing to purchase. They can also make different customization to check how a product looks. This app is developed to augment customer experience by taking advantage of augmented reality technology.

How does the AR Studio Pro work?

This augmented reality app for businesses have two major users as briefed below:

  1. Business: A business will get access to the web app of AR Studio Pro. The admin of the business account can add as many products as he wants his customers to visualize with the AR Studio Pro native app or with another supported mechanism.
  2. Buyer: A buyer, a consumer, or a customer is the one that will buy from the business that uses the AR Studio Pro app. The buyer will be able to visualize any products in the real world environment to take advantage of well thought buying decisions supported by the augmented reality technology.


The AR Studio Pro working models for both business and buyer are different. Let us share both of them:

How Does AR Studio Pro Work for Businesses?

  • Businesses, regardless of their industry vertical, can create several products in the web app available for businesses.
  • AR Studio Pro will create QR codes for each product added in the web app of this augmented reality app for business.
  • This QR code can be distributed by all different marketing channels such as social media platforms, email marketing campaigns, WhatsApp marketing, SMS marketing, etc. The QR code will let buyers and interested consumers visualize the respective product in real world conditions.
  • A single line code will be provided to the business, which has to be placed on the website.
  • Once the code is placed on the website, the AR Studio Pro will be able to do the magic. The consumers will be able to visualize any product from your website in their houses or offices.


How Does AR Studio Pro Work for Buyers?

  • Buyers can use the native AR Studio Pro app or they can use the camera of their smartphone.
  • They need to scan the QR code of a product that they are interested in buying or exploring more.
  • Once they scan the QR code, they can visualize that object in 3D and explore how it matches their expectations before purchasing it.
  • Customers can also customize the colour, size and place of the product to explore all options and choose the best one.


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